#71 – diamlah. boleh?

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can they stop talking about that? cuz that makes me feel uneasy. i was wrong when i thought i can say “hurrayyy!!!” when i’m done with my diploma. i was wrong when i thought i won’t hear any of this crap anymore. i was wrong when i thought my new close friends won’t utter a word about that. i was wronggggggggg!!!!! wrong cuz i’m posted here and not somewhere else. yes, i wish i’m at Perlis, Kedah, or Perak. i don’t mind having to spend 2 and half years at a place which is labelled as ‘hulu’ or what. i can survive. as long as i don’t have to hear any of these anymore. tapi sayang, kena dengar lagi.

*cricket sound*


#70 – i’m all well here

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but i miss hometown more than anything; family, friends & my workplace for the past 3 months. but having to tell myself to wake up from the sweetdream is just hard to do. yeah, it’s hard for me to accept drastic changes.

but life has to go on. just go with e flow.. 🙂

#69 – rojak

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1. looks like the ‘matter’ is left unsolved. lemme say that something happens halfway, and it kind of disrupts the ending of the shittiest story. cerita tergantung, 2 watak utama acts normal, leads life as if things never even takes place. i’m happy, yes, cuz the thing that i hate the most isn’t going to turn to reality (for now).

2. 2nd February has passed. the only hope left is to wait for 20th or 21st February. if things wasn’t meant to be like what i’ve planned, i’d just leave it to Allah. He knows what’s best for me. meanwhile, i have something in my mind. not to be shared with anyone yet.

3. and um, whose at fault when people who are 3 or 4 years younger than you doesn’t seem to have some respect towards us? is it my fault for being too nice, too ‘tak apa’ minded, or what? karma? as far as i can remember, i am one of the most polite girl ever at secondary, and i respect my seniors. so, definitely not karma.. *angkat bakul masuk sendiri* 😛

4. to someone’s brother who have no feelings: go & rot. don’t blame your kids later on in your life if they turned up to be a bad-ass just like you.

#68 – how i wish this is just another nightmare

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…and the moment i woke up, it was just a dream. but of course, it’s not. and i’m praying hard it won’t turn to reality. cuz that is one thing that i fucking hate the most. although, yes, the thought of it did crossed my mind before, but never in my life i wish it to be this way. everything is in His hand. if it is fated, i gotta face it like a man. i believe there’s a solution for this, but it’ll work only if both parties can sit down & talk nicely, and put aside their egos.

orang cakap Allah takkan uji kita kalau kita tak mampu. insyaallah, i can face this.

#67 – father & son

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i was at my usual place, tidying the counter when i heard someone was running & laughing at the same time. a man that i believe is in his late 20’s was hiding from his son who is walking down the stairs.


Man : *laughs* dia nampak tak?

Me    : hahaha tak kot…

Man : *still laughing*


then came the son, looking for his father. both was running around the shelf. what a cute moment! the son then stopped running  & sat down, saying: “tak nak kawan papa dah” with his real funny face.

both of them is such an adorable duos! yang tak tahan tu, si ayah main kejar2 sambil peluk bantal. dah memang macam budak-budak :p

it’s things like this that would make me start imagining things. i would go like ‘i want a husband like him’ & etc etc etc. but we shouldn’t expect much. some things wouldn’t turn up as we want it to be. it is all by Allah’s will. kalau dapat, Alhamdulillah. kalau tak dapat, bersyukur dengan apa yang diberi.. 🙂

saw two of my school teacher. no, both didn’t taught me in any subjects. i’ve left secondary for 4 years but they looked just the same! like there’s no sign of ageing. hahaha! one was still looking elegant in her cheongsam, while the other is in her normal baju kurung. gosh! i miss school!

#66 – grenggg grengggg

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day 3. kau saja kan main sorok-sorok dengan aku. kejap kau ada, kejap tak de. menyampah. siang kau hilang, malam kau datang. suka hati kau je. suka bagi harapan kat aku. hahaha… blah la cepat. dah tak pening, dah tak panas. however i have big problems with pak kahak. tadi dah try buang, terkeluar la sikit, plus ada rasa jambu batu sikit with cili from nasi lemak. ahaaa!

#65 – my eyes sores

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well eventually, people would forget what had happened tonight as time passes. whatever it is Sabee, you are STILL my favourite GK. i’m not gonna comment further on his performance & the team as well for the reason that my knowledge about football is very little. so if we know nothing, it’s better to remain silent rather than commenting without thinking, right? in any game, there’s only one winner and when things happen, it is destined to be that way. we can never undone it.

somehow this guy below got the point!

“Dakpelah…takdok rezeki….nk wak guane….main nok menang belake…sape yee hok kalohnye…dok???…aaaaaa….
mungkin dgn sebab kaloh ning..kite buleh wak post-mortem…bakpe kaloh…aaa…


-Peteh Tganu Peteh-

let’s end this. not like this is the end of the world anyway 🙂

and now some other thing is bothering me………………