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#18 – laugh, as loud as you want

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kawan nak gelak memang ramai. kawan nak nangis sekali ada ke?


#17 – al-fatihah

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today, a friend of mine lost her father. and today is her birthday. it’s all fated. life and death is in Allah’s hand. no one can change it. no one knows when we’re going to leave the world, leave behind our families, friends, everything.

“Family First”. a reminder to me as well.

takziah, Ti.. you have all of us behind you. i know it’s going to be an unforgettable date for you. semoga Ti tabah dengan ketentuan Allah.

Selamat Hari Jadi..


~no words can comfort & mend a broken heart. only time will heal everything~

#16 – note to self

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ya Allah, jadikan aku hambamu yang taat padaMu, yang sabar dalam menhadapi ujian dariMu, dan sentiasa redha dengan ketentuanMu.


#15 – duhh!

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i can’t always say ‘yes’ to peoples opinion. not that i don’t want to, but i’m trapped between opinion and perception. sometimes, opinions given aren’t acceptable by everyone. in the end, i would have to face the consequences by myself. each of us is just different. people around you & me is totally different. different thoughts, different way of thinking. some people view you at only 45°, some view you 360°, while sometimes you might just remain unnoticeable by others.

modernization sometimes sucks. everyone’s racing to appear the best in other’s eye. to me, you won’t die if you didn’t listen to opinion, but you’ll die if the opinion leads to bad perception of others towards you. it’s like the biggest humiliation for the rest of your life. i know, cuz i did that most of the time. i examine people and starts commenting. most of the time, only bad things is spilled out. so what do you expect? there’s no one as angelic as newborn babies.



-my way of babbling-

#14 – what the..

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since i have final year dinner next week, i asked my father whether i can borrow his camera. instead of lending me the one that he’s currently using now, he told me to use the old Pentax Optio which i believe is bought when i was in Form 1! that was back in year 2003. it’s in the drawer for almost 3 years, left untouched. unused.

2011 – 2003 = 8 light years!

and what matters the most is that that freaking old junk is only 2.0 MP which is so equivalent to my handphone’s camera. i am speechless. there’s no way i’m gonna carry that thing with me on that day. i mean, what’s the point? i want to snap better, clearer pics. a 2.0MP camera can’t do much. not that i’m not thankful, but..BUT..BUT…. think about it for yourself.

the camera is not even in a good state. it blinks once when i ‘on’ it but the screen went blank the next two seconds.

looks like i have to get one by myself sooner or later. tskkk!! T_T


this is it.

#13 – untitled

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May your ears turn into arseholes and shit on your shoulders.
– Anonymous

#12 – the moment i’ve been waiting for is finally here

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meme puah hati gilo lah dah lepah prezeng bisneh plen. kiro hok yang penak pegi MekDi bapo hari hok dulu tu berbaloi lah. fuhh!! puah hati la bilo lecturer oyak prezeng group kami ni ha baguih. kawe meme nerbes sokmo. tokser oyak ramo-ramo, kumbe, belale, gajoh semua hoh duk pusing-pusing dale peruk.

tapi molek la male ni, pakat tido mace budok hok baru lahir. congrats to teammates of Apple Kindergarten. to Fuad, Hafiz, Ayu, Farah & Lokman, male ni tido puah-puah la smuo! 🙂