#14 – what the..

since i have final year dinner next week, i asked my father whether i can borrow his camera. instead of lending me the one that he’s currently using now, he told me to use the old Pentax Optio which i believe is bought when i was in Form 1! that was back in year 2003. it’s in the drawer for almost 3 years, left untouched. unused.

2011 – 2003 = 8 light years!

and what matters the most is that that freaking old junk is only 2.0 MP which is so equivalent to my handphone’s camera. i am speechless. there’s no way i’m gonna carry that thing with me on that day. i mean, what’s the point? i want to snap better, clearer pics. a 2.0MP camera can’t do much. not that i’m not thankful, but..BUT..BUT…. think about it for yourself.

the camera is not even in a good state. it blinks once when i ‘on’ it but the screen went blank the next two seconds.

looks like i have to get one by myself sooner or later. tskkk!! T_T


this is it.


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