#15 – duhh!

i can’t always say ‘yes’ to peoples opinion. not that i don’t want to, but i’m trapped between opinion and perception. sometimes, opinions given aren’t acceptable by everyone. in the end, i would have to face the consequences by myself. each of us is just different. people around you & me is totally different. different thoughts, different way of thinking. some people view you at only 45°, some view you 360°, while sometimes you might just remain unnoticeable by others.

modernization sometimes sucks. everyone’s racing to appear the best in other’s eye. to me, you won’t die if you didn’t listen to opinion, but you’ll die if the opinion leads to bad perception of others towards you. it’s like the biggest humiliation for the rest of your life. i know, cuz i did that most of the time. i examine people and starts commenting. most of the time, only bad things is spilled out. so what do you expect? there’s no one as angelic as newborn babies.



-my way of babbling-


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