#36 – ehhhhh

1. …… is laughing my ass of. i’d sure to have another big loud obnoxious laugh plus that *snort snort* sound if there is pictures like i imagined. miahaha…!!


2. someone is still cold towards me. i know this is so normal, so natural, cuz that is so her. but hey, it’s been some timeeeee! i’m sorry, my fault. i realised i’m wrong. it feels like i’ve just board the time machine back to 10 years ago. where we’re more like enemy. i don’t wish things like this to happen again anymore alright? you won’t be reading this, but i’m really sorry again. i mean it.. 😦


3. Happy Wedding Day abe Rizal. it seems like it’s only yesterday i went to his house to learn how to read Iqra’ and al-Quran with Mak Cik Yah. back then, he’s still a young man. i can barely recognize him now. so different!


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