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#47 – yes, fark.

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what’s the result of burning the midnight oil? my brain went jammed during the tests. lots of silly mistakes. can’t remember this. can’t remember that. wrong figure. wrong journal entries. and why can’t i just erase the answer and change it like what i’ve been thinking? pasal atas, bawah pun efek. what? bananas gonna fruit twice?? fark.


my fault.


#46 – tigers & lions

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Singapore team, whatever your strategies are, they stink. -jayjamalina-

good job singa hybrid!!! ~mus~

‎1-1 final score. Scrappy at the end with lots of fake injuries and time wasting. But thats what the rules allow. Congrats to the Lion City on going through. ~alex yoong~

annoying singaporean ”DRAMA QUEENS”.. such cry babies.. im glad i am a Harimau Malaya supporter.. Harimau Malaya r FIGHTERS n not QUITTERS.. ~alia~

What a bunch of DRAMA KINGS u SingaPuraPura sakit! Annoying like hell! I LOVE YOU HARIMAU u guys are our heroes! Good game guys! Safee&Apek! ~ainul aishah~

and lots and lots and lots of them………

however, if, only if Malaysia’s GK No.1 tak turun padang masa kat Singapore hari tu, victory could be ours. what is done is done, and cannot be undone. congrats to Apek, Safee & the whole team! there’s always next time 🙂


and yes, yang penting kalah bermaruah!

#45 – untitled

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everything has an END,

except for Fam[ILY]  🙂

#44 – she’s awesome, you’re not

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you can change as much as you want as long as it does not sore my eyes. girl, my eyes go lebam reading what you write. i can imagine you in few years later as a very bossy, boastful, wicked, selfish, impatient, agressive (etc, etc, etc) person. come on…. not like you’re going to die anyway. at least, it’s only for few months. man, i didn’t know you’re going to turn this bitchy. show some respect to the elders. from kampung you came, to kampung you’ll return eventually. just when you’re old enough, and when your service is not needed anymore, and then you have no work to do, this is where you’ll be. just the place that you can fit in. you’ll be one of those aunties who jogs around or practise Tai Chi early morning at Lake Garden. or maybe we can jog together while flashing back your good ol’ times? *angkat kening* hehh -___-”

stop bragging, will you?

#43 – my wish is granted

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my prayers is heard by Him. i am very certain, and very grateful. though others would still deny this, i know myself well than any of them. thank you Allah…

#42 – Friday, 15th

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the beginning of hols. i’m home for good, for one week. i am welcomed with ikan-ikan to make laksa tomorrow. senang cerita, aku bagi bersih ikan, blend, tumbuk, rebus, semua aku buat. senang rupanya nak buat kuah laksa. i even wrecked the blender. mama said we can’t mix the big onion with the fish altogether while blending. mana tau… she should’ve tell me earlier. nasi dah jadi bubur, blender dah jadi giteww… -end of laksa story-

and because of laksa jugak, tadi masa pergi sebuah kedai runcit, aku tanya dia laksa brand *** ada lagi tak? dia cakap tak de, then suruh ambik brand lain. pastu duk pi mai pi mai, langgar aku. sangat sengaja, bukan sekali. bila tanya limau kasturi ada tak, mula2 cakap tak de. tanya lagi sekali, cakap ada. pffttt! and again, dia langgar aku. FFFF. i’m not going there anymore. seram! -end of kedai story-

while chatting with mama just now, she told me that someone i know is going to be operated, insyaallah tomorrow. there’s that small ‘ketumbuhan’ dekat breast. doc said it’s not dangerous, but her parents wants the operation to be carried out. biar buang sekarang, nanti lain pulak jadi. it’s a good thing that they detect it early. we somehow have that mentality that skinny or underweight people is safe from disease/illness/ailment, tapi sekarang dah ada bukti depan mata. it’s a reminder for myself as well. hope everything went well for her tomorrow.  -end of story-

time to sleep, esok pagi jadi supir. zzzzzzzz…

#41 – fourtyone

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ahhh so many things revolving in my mindddddd. mind you.