#44 – she’s awesome, you’re not

you can change as much as you want as long as it does not sore my eyes. girl, my eyes go lebam reading what you write. i can imagine you in few years later as a very bossy, boastful, wicked, selfish, impatient, agressive (etc, etc, etc) person. come on…. not like you’re going to die anyway. at least, it’s only for few months. man, i didn’t know you’re going to turn this bitchy. show some respect to the elders. from kampung you came, to kampung you’ll return eventually. just when you’re old enough, and when your service is not needed anymore, and then you have no work to do, this is where you’ll be. just the place that you can fit in. you’ll be one of those aunties who jogs around or practise Tai Chi early morning at Lake Garden. or maybe we can jog together while flashing back your good ol’ times? *angkat kening* hehh -___-”

stop bragging, will you?


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