#46 – tigers & lions

Singapore team, whatever your strategies are, they stink. -jayjamalina-

good job singa hybrid!!! ~mus~

‎1-1 final score. Scrappy at the end with lots of fake injuries and time wasting. But thats what the rules allow. Congrats to the Lion City on going through. ~alex yoong~

annoying singaporean ”DRAMA QUEENS”.. such cry babies.. im glad i am a Harimau Malaya supporter.. Harimau Malaya r FIGHTERS n not QUITTERS.. ~alia~

What a bunch of DRAMA KINGS u SingaPuraPura sakit! Annoying like hell! I LOVE YOU HARIMAU u guys are our heroes! Good game guys! Safee&Apek! ~ainul aishah~

and lots and lots and lots of them………

however, if, only if Malaysia’s GK No.1 tak turun padang masa kat Singapore hari tu, victory could be ours. what is done is done, and cannot be undone. congrats to Apek, Safee & the whole team! there’s always next time 🙂


and yes, yang penting kalah bermaruah!


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