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#65 – my eyes sores

Posted in Uncategorized on October 29, 2011 by azweenz

well eventually, people would forget what had happened tonight as time passes. whatever it is Sabee, you are STILL my favourite GK. i’m not gonna comment further on his performance & the team as well for the reason that my knowledge about football is very little. so if we know nothing, it’s better to remain silent rather than commenting without thinking, right? in any game, there’s only one winner and when things happen, it is destined to be that way. we can never undone it.

somehow this guy below got the point!

“Dakpelah…takdok rezeki….nk wak guane….main nok menang belake…sape yee hok kalohnye…dok???…aaaaaa….
mungkin dgn sebab kaloh ning..kite buleh wak post-mortem…bakpe kaloh…aaa…


-Peteh Tganu Peteh-

let’s end this. not like this is the end of the world anyway 🙂

and now some other thing is bothering me………………


#64 – to whom it may concern

Posted in Uncategorized on October 15, 2011 by azweenz


if i hurt your feelings directly or indirectly, i would like to apologize. but it’d only be in here and my silent prayer, not verbally. what i did is the way i express my anger, cuz i’m so sick of the whole thing, annoyed, fed-up. i feel so dejected. like this is the first time you did this. i’m not making a fuss over some small thing, but even small things could turn up big cuz it affects my emotion for the whole day. actually, it doesn’t matter a lot anymore cuz i’m kinda prone to it, but for how long is this going on? how long?

…s-o-r-r-y — a-g-a-i-n…

#63 – once a coward

Posted in Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 by azweenz

whatever actions that we take most of all requires courage. and always, we’re afraid to just do it cuz we’re too afraid that it would be an unacceptable one by the other party. and that’s what had been trapping me all this time. to friends who have been giving me zee advice, endless support, geee thanks a lot! i mean it. if you guys are not there, i will never know the inside story. sebab aku tak berani. i’m not that frankly-speaking type of person. most is hidden deep inside. to another friend of mine, thanks for clearing all the doubts in my mind. you have no idea how relieved i am after saying that line. it’s not a matter of feelings anymore cuz like what i told you, it’s fading away. things that felt like a burden to me before this is gone! you have no idea about it.

i guess  i should try doing this more often, no? 🙂