#67 – father & son

i was at my usual place, tidying the counter when i heard someone was running & laughing at the same time. a man that i believe is in his late 20’s was hiding from his son who is walking down the stairs.


Man : *laughs* dia nampak tak?

Me    : hahaha tak kot…

Man : *still laughing*


then came the son, looking for his father. both was running around the shelf. what a cute moment! the son then stopped running  & sat down, saying: “tak nak kawan papa dah” with his real funny face.

both of them is such an adorable duos! yang tak tahan tu, si ayah main kejar2 sambil peluk bantal. dah memang macam budak-budak :p

it’s things like this that would make me start imagining things. i would go like ‘i want a husband like him’ & etc etc etc. but we shouldn’t expect much. some things wouldn’t turn up as we want it to be. it is all by Allah’s will. kalau dapat, Alhamdulillah. kalau tak dapat, bersyukur dengan apa yang diberi.. 🙂

saw two of my school teacher. no, both didn’t taught me in any subjects. i’ve left secondary for 4 years but they looked just the same! like there’s no sign of ageing. hahaha! one was still looking elegant in her cheongsam, while the other is in her normal baju kurung. gosh! i miss school!


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