#69 – rojak

1. looks like the ‘matter’ is left unsolved. lemme say that something happens halfway, and it kind of disrupts the ending of the shittiest story. cerita tergantung, 2 watak utama acts normal, leads life as if things never even takes place. i’m happy, yes, cuz the thing that i hate the most isn’t going to turn to reality (for now).

2. 2nd February has passed. the only hope left is to wait for 20th or 21st February. if things wasn’t meant to be like what i’ve planned, i’d just leave it to Allah. He knows what’s best for me. meanwhile, i have something in my mind. not to be shared with anyone yet.

3. and um, whose at fault when people who are 3 or 4 years younger than you doesn’t seem to have some respect towards us? is it my fault for being too nice, too ‘tak apa’ minded, or what? karma? as far as i can remember, i am one of the most polite girl ever at secondary, and i respect my seniors. so, definitely not karma.. *angkat bakul masuk sendiri* šŸ˜›

4. to someone’s brother who have no feelings: go & rot. don’t blame your kids later on in your life if they turned up to be a bad-ass just like you.


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